About Aquos

Water For Life.

AQUOS mission is to reduce pollution caused by plastuc water bottles, which altogether contribute to contamination of rivers, lakes and the ocean; affecting tremendously wildlife. This can be stopped by reducing the use of disposable water bottles.

AQUOS encourages people to stop the daily use of disposable plastic bottles and substitute it by renting an ultrapurification systems that will deliver same water quality (or better) as bottled water right at the reach of their tap.

AQUOS ultrapurification systems eliminate most of carcinogens, chlorine, pesticides, and other noxious substances contained in water. This in turn will alleviate the current situation of plastic bottle pollution and reduce risks like cancer or other health issues related to this contaminants in water.

Not to worry, AQUOS offers its ultrapurification systems for rent at as low as $0.67 dlls a day.