The first Ultra Purification Water System that turns the conventional water into Alkaline Water at the reach of your tap.

Why Buy When You Can Rent And Save +$400/Year!*

*This number was calculated by comparing options that are similar to Aquos Techonology.

Pure Alkaline Water

Around 8.0 pH Level.

Keep Hydrated

Quality of our filtered water is better than bottled water.

Stop Buying Bottled Water

Stop polluting and save money everyday!

The first Ultra Purification Water System that turns the conventional water into
Alkaline Water at the reach of your tap.

5 Stages Purification

1. Sediments Filtration

Wipes off impurities like algae silt and sediments

2. Granular Activated Carbon

Wipes off residual chlorine, unpleasant smell, pesticides, THM's and chemical poisons

3. Block Activated Carbon

Has Micropores on the active carbon to holdback the micro colloids and micro suspended materials.

4. Aquofibers®

State of the art Nano Water Technology. Wipes out bacteria, viruses and anything in the water bigger than 0.02 microns or more. Leaves Only Natural minerals in the water in its natural and healthy state. So water outstrip national and international drinking water standards!!

5. Coconut Shell Carbon

Redundant extra protection in the AQUOS purifiers.

Aquos Installation


Aquos Technician will arrive to your home for the installation.


Installer will drill a hole to install the filter. If you can't drill, don't worry! We can connect it directly to the faucet.


Installer will proceed to make the hydraulic connections and place fixing screws under sink.


Installer will perform equipment test and take a couple of minutes to condition the filter to check local water characteristics.


Your Aquos filter its ready to be enjoyed 24/7!

Installation Types

Under the Sink

Your Aquos filter will be installed underneath your kitchen sink, we will drill a hole on the countertop for your Aquos faucet to be installed

No Drill

Whether you are renting or simply do not want to drill your countertop, Aquos filter can be directly connected to your kitchen faucet.


If you decide to install your filter somewhere other than your kitchen, we can always mount it on the wall.

Be Economical

Stop buying bottled water and save money everyday!

Be Healthy

Aquos filter lowers the risk of cancer and other diseases by removing chlorine and more than 300 pollutants

Aquos filter preserves natural minerals and electrolytes, rehydrating your body.

AQUOFIBERS has the same ultrapurifying techonology as soldier's survival kit

Be Ecologic

Did you know that:

1 in 3 marine wildlife are infected with plastic

Source: Cultura Colectiva

To manufacture one plastic bottle of water 150 liters of water are consumed and 100 grams of CO2 are produced

Sources: NPR ,

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Aquos®... Makes a

No more
plastic bottles
water 24/7
Water quality
equal than bottled water
Reduce pollution
and environmental damage
Rent includes
Eliminates more than
99.9% of pollutants